Tradition & Nature

In Sabouko Guest House, located in Vizitsa village, we offer traditional hospitality and accommodation in cozy, charming and spacious rooms where you can enjoy a peaceful and quiet environment close to nature. Moreover, you can taste local, traditional flavors from selected natural and bio products.

History & architecture

The two stone buildings, characterized as traditional from the Greek National Tourism Organization, are built in the oldest neighborhood of the village, almost from the 18th century. They constituted the original houses of the community, since the location was chosen by the first inhabitants of Vizitsa in the early 1600s. 

The renovation

At the first renovation, which took place in 1920, the buildings received the shape that was maintained at the recent renovation in 2013 as well, where certain neoclassic elements were added. Persistent efforts were made to preserve as many notable characteristics of the two buildings as possible, so as to develop the appropriate necessary spaces to host a number of 26 people, while at the same time offering a safe, comfortable accommodation with modern facilities at the minimum environmental effect. More specifically, one of our priorities was the application of the recent antiseismic and building block regulation, as well as the application of the arrangement concerning fire safety.